"I must express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the counselling sessions and all that you have done for me in helping me to 'find myself' and realise my true potential". Best wishes Lesley

"After the success of the smoking hynotherapy I was wondering if there could be something similar for concentration and motivation. Also, any other information you may have about any weight loss hypnotherapy. Still smoke free! " All the best Isabella

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  • SWL NHS Clinical Quality Award 2011 for  improvement in the care and treatment of users

"So far so good, not even tempted to smoke,feeling really good ,very positive, a bit of tooth grinding in my sleep apparently, any suggestions ? Mark is so impressed he wants to try it also,what are your charges?" Thank you Helen

The hypnosis relaxation has worked for me in a way I never thought possible. I am now a different person. The weight loss has made such a difference: more walking, more energy, feeling more positive, and clothes are fitting better. The best thing I think is that I feel more spiritual. Looking and paying more attention to flowers, trees especially and feeling closer to nature. I am looking forward to the future so much more. I might be able to go camping again after many years. I am not getting old. My body might age but my mind will not.

Thank you so much


I was very anxious and stressed. Always very busy catching up with work. i did'nt have time to do everything, to relax. I turned to eating more unhealthy foods. I felt I was addicted to eating chocolate and crisps uncontrollably. After seeing you for several sessions I feel less stressed and well in myself. I am not trying to take on to much, managing what I could. Now I can choose to eat chocolate or not. I only eat it as a treat once in a while and I have started to lose weight! I feel I am in control. Thank you for positively helping me to change my life!