Hypnosis is an "altered state of consciousness" marked by changes in the way the brain functions. When we mention hypnosis we often tend to be either talking about the relaxed, focused, absorbed feelings associated with a "trance state" or we tend to be talking about things people can do when hypnotised. For example not feeling any pain when having say dental treatment or surgery.

Hypnotherapy is simply a way of inducing a relaxed state where the conscious mind can calm down and allow the unconscious mind to give information or instigate positive change. For example, past unwanted negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour that may have caused you to lose self-esteem or self-confidence can be positively changed. You need not be unconscious with this process and you are in fact in control at all times and in a relaxed state. You cannot be made to do anything that you would not want to. People generally feel calm and relaxed at the end of a session.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful for addressing many problematic issues such as stopping smoking, weight loss, loss and grief, phobias, passing your driving test or becoming better at public speaking. It can also help with self-confidence & low self-esteem, stress and anxiety, motivation and more.

As a professional hypnotherapist, my treatment approach is supportive, interactive and customised to provide you with the solutions you need..

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