Interpersonal Mediation

Interpersonal mediation is for when there is a dispute between two or more people that does not necessarily need to lead to Court action.

It is particularly effective when looking to resolve issues in the workplace.

What is Interpersonal Mediation?

  • It is a voluntary process – people cannot be made to attend mediation
  • It will usually take place at a neutral venue
  • Each person involved in the dispute is interviewed personally by the mediator to identify the issues involved and to explore how these could be resolved
  • Skilful negotiation then takes place between the mediator and people involved to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties

Why consider Interpersonal Mediation?

Mediation will help to take the emotion out of a situation. It can help to stop points of conflict in the bud before they escalate further.

To first consider interpersonal mediation can therefore diffuse conflict and save an enormous amount of money on legal fees.

Once an agreement has been reached through mediation, an agreement is drawn up and progress monitored.  

To enquire about Interpersonal Mediation

Please telephone me Aarun Taylor (Accredited Mediator)on 07375 379 405 to find out how I may be able to help and book an appointment.